Serve global high-temperature industry and provide superior quality products, solution and services for the world customers.


                        Ming (Means that advocating: distinctive standpoint, brilliant decision; opposing: refusal to make progress, departmental selfishness).
Kuai (Means that advocating: quick action, happy working; opposing: sloppy attitude, liberalism).
Yan (Means that advocating: precise science, strict on oneself; opposing: unprincipled peace, bureaucratism).
Shi (Means that advocating: innovative strength, seeking truth from facts; opposing: opportunistic attitude, experientialism).


                        To be a customer-trusted, social respected and the most valuable international first-class refractories enterprise.

Core Value

                        Create value, develop harmoniously


                        Responsibility, Coordination, Study, Striving, Innovation.

Value System

                        Human-orientation, exceeding, responsibility, sunny personality, self-examination.



Quality, Health, Safety, Environment Management System

  • Quality Policy

    Scientific Management based on talents and technologies. Provide satisfactory high-tech products and excellent services to customers.

  • Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    Improve the level of automatization. Improve the working environment. Ensure the Occupational Health of the employees. Realizes the inherent safety.Improve the working process. Perfect the facilities. The emission of wasted water and gas should be kept as required. The discharge of dust and noise should also comply with the standard. Observe the relevant code of conduct and the law. Prevent pollution. Sustainable improvement. Improve both social benefits and economic benefits. 

  • Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy Implications 

    A good enterprise shall not only pursue economic profits, it should take the social responsibility for its employees as well as the community. As the company becomes bigger and stronger, PRCO has the ability to undertake the due obligations for the customers, employees and the society.

    PRCO commits to strictly follow the requirements of laws and regulations and relevant parties to manage and operate the enterprise. Through constant introduction of advanced equipment and improvement of the automation level, it can improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity and lower the opportunity for employees to contact with occupational hazardous factors, finally achieve the intrinsic safety of production management. Meanwhile, PRCO is dedicated to improve the environment of the office area and life district, strengthen the environmental protection awareness, and enhance the environment protection ability. PRCO is working to create a healthy environment for the employees.

  • Quality Policy

    PRCO insists on absorbing talents of all kinds and strengthening the education and training of employees. Realizes continuous innovation of technology and management based on its own strength. Grasp the trend of the refractories market in time and realizes technology breakthrough, keep the technological advantages and stabilizes the market. Use other management models as reference, strengthen internal management, utilize the business process, perfect the management regulation, increase the operating efficiency, adhere to the customer-oriented, provide sincere service and constantly provide quality refractories and services, achieving the long prosperity.   

Continue to Promote the Performance Excellence Model

Guiding the group to pursue excellence, improve the quality of products, services and development, promote the competing advantages and sustainable development. Becoming the customer-trusted, society-respected and the most valuable world-class refractory enterprise is the relentless pursuit of PRCO.PRCO requires management all of grades and employees to keep on promoting the Performance Excellence Model. Improve the strategy executive ability and the quality of products and services, help the group to improve and innovate over management, and promote the synergy performance and management ability and finally achieve the long-term success. 

  • Visionary Leadership. 

    Establish the group’s mission, vision and value through prospective view and keen insight. Lead all the employees to the achievement of strategy and target.

  • Win-Win Cooperation. 

    Establish a long-term partnership with customers, key suppliers and other relevant parties. Create value for each other and achieve joint development. 

  • Strategic Orientation. 

    Using strategy to lead the management activity and achieve sustainable development and success.

  • Value the Process and Follow the Result. 

    The performance of the group comes from the process and reflects in the result. Thus we have to value the process and pay close attention to the result. The efficient process management results in excellent performance.

  • Customer Driven. 

    Take customers’ current and future requirement, expectation and preference as the motive for better products and services. Increase the degree of satisfaction and loyalty of the customers. 

  • Learning, Improvement and Innovation. 

    The learning-oriented group and individual is the foundation of excellent performance. Inheritance, improvement and innovation are the key to sustainable development.

  • Social Responsibility. 

    Take the responsibility of the impact to the society based on group’s decision and operation. Promote the all-round, coordinated and sustainable development of the society.

  • System Management. 

    Take the group as an entirety. Use scientific and efficient methods to achieve the overall planning and harmony and coherence of operation management, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency. Through the comprehensive organizational performance management approach, it can create value to customers, employees and others, it also can improve the overall performance and ability and achieve sustainable development and success.

  • People Oriented. 

    Employee is the basis of the group. All management activities should be focused on inspiring employees’ initiative and enthusiasm, promoting the employees’ development, protecting their legal rights and increasing the level of satisfaction. 

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