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1ZL201320156574.9Flow Choking Device for Bottom of Aluminum Reduction CellUtility Model2013.09.25
2ZL201320018097.XAutomatic Air Exhausting Device for the Shaping of Refractory ProductsUtility Model 2013.09.25
3ZL200710129741.X Production Method of Alumina Homogenization Material Invention Patent2013.08.07
4ZL201320117230.7Tundish Slag Dam with Blowing FunctionUtility Model2013.08.07
5ZL201320117884.x Tundish Stabilizer with Blowing Function Utility Model2013.08.07
6ZL201320124029.1 Well BlockUtility Model2013.08.07
7ZL201110057369.2Purging Plug for ConverterInvention Patent2013.05.22
8ZL201220654863.7 Device for Producing Non-Oxide Composite MaterialUtility Model2013.05.22
9ZL201220516223.x Furnace Cap Brick and ConverterUtility Model2013.04.03
10ZL201220576333.5 Floating Workbench for Shaped Refractories Production Utility Model2013.04.03
11ZL201220351977.4Dynamic Purging Plug of Molten Metal Container for Inert Gas Blowing Utility Model2013.03.13
12ZL201220385319.7Refractory Brick with Thermal Insulation and Material-SavingUtility Model2013.03.13
13ZL201220092419.0Composite Stabilizer for TundishUtility Model2012.11.21
14ZL201010526685.5 Shotcreting for Torpedo and the Method of Construction Invention Patent2012.09.26
15ZL201220054386.0A Type of Slide PlateUtility Model 2012.09.26
16ZL201120425193.7 Tundish Permanent Lining, Permanent Lining Mold and TundishUtility Model2012.08.01
17ZL201120408570.6A Type of Porous Tap Hole Well BlockUtility Model2012.07.04
18ZL201120338035.8A Type of Tap Hole Well BlockUtility Model2012.05.30
19ZL200910093438.8 A Type of High-Temperature Coating Mixes with Molten-Slag ResistanceInvention Patent2012.05.23
20ZL201120136171.9 A Type of Composite Seating Block for Purging PlugUtility Model2012.01.04
21ZL201120182757.9 Split Type Temperature Gradient Slag Resisting Test FurnaceUtility Model2012.01.04
22ZL201120152240.5 Pulling Device for Ladle Upper NozzleUtility Model2012.01.04
23ZL201120039120.7Composite Well Block for LadleUtility Model2011.11.23
24ZL201120023731.X A Type of Purging PlugUtility Model2011.08.10
25ZL200810090000.X Method to Manufacture Sintered Brown CorundumInvention Patent2011.08.10
26ZL201120024239.4A Type of Composite Purging PlugUtility Model2011.08.10
27ZL201020562340.0 Composite Linings for Coreless Induction FurnaceUtility Model2011.08.10
28ZL201020512899.2 A Type of Seating BlockUtility Model2011.03.23
29ZL201020243262.8Slide Plate with Crack Prevention cUtility Model2011.03.23
30ZL201029251088.9 Porous Curtain Block with Leakage-Proof for TundishUtility Model2011.01.05
31ZL200810180460.1Clamping Device for Tundish Porous Upper NozzleInvention Patent2010.12.08
32ZL201020147763.6 Changeable Purging Plug for Pig Iron LadleUtility Model2010.12.01
33ZL201020147751.3 Turbulence Controller for TundishUtility Model2010.12.01
34ZL200810000662.3Hot Patching Mixes and the Patching Pressing MethodInvention Patent2010.11.24
35ZL201020104628.3 Purging Plug Free of Lancing Utility Model2010.10.13
36ZL201020000893.7Ventilation DeviceUtility Model2010.10.06
37ZL200910089101.XDrawable Purging PlugInvention Patent2010.08.25
38ZL200810110892.5 Tundish Porous Upper Nozzle and the Matching Clamping Head for FixingInvention Patent2010.06.02
39ZL200710129738.8 Method for Preparing Zirconium Oxide/Mullite Whisker Multiple Phase MaterialInvention Patent2010.06.02
40ZL200920164384.5 Infiltration-Resistant Mechanism, Purging Plug Equipped with Infiltration-Resistant MechanismUtility Model2010.05.26
41ZL200920108318.6 Tap Hole Blocks for EAF Utility Model2010.03.31
42ZL200920152033.2Slide Gate Mechanism for LadleUtility Model2010.01.20
43ZL200920152032.8 Tightening Mechanism for Slide PlateUtility Model2010.01.20
44ZL200810146989.1 Tundish Purging Upper NozzleInvention Patent2009.12.23
45ZL200920145349.9Alarm Type Purging Plug withUtility Model2009.12.23
46ZL200920145348.4 Tightening Mechanism for Purging PlugUtility Model2009.12.23
47ZL200920301567.7Composite Mg-C based Purging Plug for ConverterUtility Model2009.12.23
48ZL200710129742.4 Magnesia Porous Purging Plug for TundishInvention Patent2009.12.02
49ZL200820140207.9 Submerged Entry NozzleUtility Model2009.08.26
50ZL200710129740.5Zirconia Powder Making Using Zirconite as Raw MaterialInvention Patent2009.06.10
51ZL200710129739.2Method for Preparing Mullite Whisker from Coal Refuse and Aluminum OxideInvention Patent2009.06.10
52ZL200820004820.8 Composite Porous Curtain Block with Castables Casted Utility Model2009.01.28
53ZL200820004825.0 Composite Porous Curtain Block with Machine Pressed Utility Model2009.01.28
54ZL200820004824.6Porous Curtain Block with Disconnected Gas ChannelsUtility Model2009.01.28
55ZL200820004821.2Tundish Porous Curtain BlockUtility Model2009.01.28
56ZL200820004826.5Porous Curtain Block with Width Layout Gas ChannelsUtility Model2009.01.28
57ZL200820004822.7 Porous Curtain Block with Lean Gas ChannelUtility Model2009.01.28
58ZL200820004823.1 Porous Curtain Purging PlugUtility Model2009.01.28
59ZL200610078891.8 Diamagnetic Corrosion-Resistant Integrated Purging Plug Invention Patent2009.01.21
60ZL200710097281.7 Tundish with Molten Metal Shunting Device Invention Patent2009.01.21
6119 ZL200820001016.4 Slit Type Composite Purging PlugUtility Model2008.12.17
62ZL200820001176.9Sliding Gate MechanismUtility Model2008.12.17
63ZL200510131949.6 Water-Free Tap Hole Clay for Blast FurnaceInvention Patent2008.10.08
64ZL200610109269.9 Lining Method of Hot-Metal MixerInvention Patent2008.06.11
65ZL200720175261.2 Refractory Brick for Spherical Part of KilnUtility Model2008.06.11
66ZL200720151457.8Porous Curtain Brick and the Matching Gas-Washing Device Utility Model2008.06.11
67ZL200720151456.3 Ring shaped Porous Curtain BlockUtility Model2008.06.11
68ZL200720127828.9 Ladle Slide Gate MechanismUtility Model2008.06.11
69ZL200720148531.0 Ladle Sliding Gate Mechanism with Screw Fastening Sliding Plate BoxUtility Model2008.02.20
70ZL200620113766.1Anchor Nails for Circulating Fluidized Bed BoilerUtility Model2007.10.03
71ZL200620115250.0 Tundish Purging Upper NozzleUtility Model2007.08.01
72ZL200620115249.8 Leakage-proof Infiltration-proof Integrated Purging Plug Utility Model2007.06.13
73ZL200620115248.3Tundish Purging Upper NozzleUtility Model2007.05.30
74ZL200620113765.7 Slide Plate Positioning Mechanism of Steel Ladle Slide Gate MechanismUtility Model2007.05.16
75ZL200620112767.6 Tightening Mechanism for Purging PlugUtility Model2007.05.09
76ZL200520145039.9 Sliding Gate Mechanism and Its Frame StructureUtility Model2007.05.09
77ZL200520145040.1 High-temp Protection Plate of Sliding Gate Mechanism for Steel LadleUtility Model2007.01.03
78ZL200420112101.X Composite Purging PlugUtility Model2006.09.20
79ZL200520017379.3Composite Purging PlugUtility Model2006.07.05
80ZL201520266465.1Ladle Nozzles with Composite StructureUtility Model2015.10.21
81ZL201520210713.0Lifting Platform for Converter Lining InstallationUtility Model2015.07.29
82ZL201520400917.0A Type of Ladle Shroud with Composite StructureUtility Model2015.10.21
83ZL201520068125.8Porous Curtain Block with Ceramic Rod Utility Model2015.06.17
84ZL201520058505.3A Type of EAF Roof with Composite Structure Utility Model2015.06.17
85ZL201520073326.7 A Type of Submerged Entry Nozzle with Composite Structure Utility Model2015.06.17
86ZL201310361449.6High Abrasion-Resistance and Thermal Shock Resistance Refractories and the Precast Block for Furnace MouthInvention Patent2015.05.13
87ZL201310051738.6 Production Method of Carbon Composite Refractory Material and the Finished ProductsInvention Patent2015.05.13
88NO151208(俄罗斯) Porous Slit Bonded Purging Plug Utility Model2015.03.27
89ZL201420259953.5Pulling Device of Purging Plug CoreUtility Model2015.01.07
90NO147457(俄罗斯) Porous Purging PlugUtility Model2014.11.10
91ZL201420152480.9Composite Structure Mold used for Forming Flat Plate Shaped ProductUtility Model2014.10.08
92ZL201420257214.2New Type Refractory Hanging Structure Utility Model2014.10.08
93ZL201420259213.1Pulling Device of NozzlesUtility Model2014.10.08
94ZL201420059523.9 Steel LadleUtility Model 2014.07.09
95ZL201420093492.9 High Blowing Rate Purging Plug with Long Service LifeUtility Model2014.07.09
96ZL201420018254.1Suspension Device used on Top of KilnUtility Model2014.06.18
97ZL201320618580.1Continuous Casting Tundish Confluent Vortex Suppressor and Continuous Casting TundishUtility Model2014.05.07
98ZL201320751099.XPressing Cylinder for Mechanical Press Molding of Ladle Collector NozzlesUtility Model2014.05.07
99ZL201210131823.9 Ventilation Functional Element for Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ventilation Channel and Preparation Method Invention Patent2014.01.01
100ZL201320349162.7Brick for Bottom Blowing Gas Supply Component of ConverterUtility Model2014.01.01
101ZL201320230737.3 Tundish Permanent Lining and the Tundish Applied with ItUtility Model2013.09.25

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