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Work Together to Overcome Difficulties 2017 Mid-Year Working Conference was successfully held in Iron and Steel Department

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From July 26th to 28th, a meeting for Iron and Steel Department and Overseas Sales Department was successfully held in the conference room on the 5th floor, aiming to sum up the work of the first half year, and make arrangements for the second half of 2017. Chairman of the board Mr. Baikuan Liu, President Mr. Daoming Shi, Vice President and General Manager of Iron and Steel Department Mr. Zhiming Yi, Vice President Mr. Yantao Zhao, Deputy General Manager of Iron and Steel Department Mr. Lianbing Liu and other leaders attended the meeting, all staff in Overseas Sales Department, managers from technology marketing department of technology center, production bases, and relevant departments, and product managers also attended the meeting.

Head of Overseas Sales Department Mr. Changsheng Qi summarized the work completed in the first half of 2017.  Refractory material export encountered many difficulties, and electric furnace smelting market in Southeast Asian and Middle East was still stagnant, with no significant growth in the demand for crude steel. Due to domestic environment protection pressure, price of magnesia material rose sharply. The short supply of raw material caused the delay in delivery of refractory products, which limited the expansion of magnesia carbon products market. The appreciation of RMB exchange rate led to increase in export price, which compromised competitiveness in global market. Despite these unfavorable factors, all the staff in the overseas sales department, with the strong support of the company's leadership, took various measures to cope with difficulties and optimize product sales structure, and strictly control the sales expenses. They developed new markets and new customers, and started bulk supply for some new customers. Meanwhile, they continued to tap potential of existing customers and achieved a substantial increase compared with last year.

In the second half of 2017, overseas sales department will continue to develop new markets and tap potential of existing customers, and increase the market development work for competitive products, and pay close attention to key customers, key product test work, and customer overall bidding process. Mr. Changsheng Qi asked all staff in the overseas sales department to continue the hard work and the courage in pioneering, to develop new markets and new customers, to tackle long-term debt, and work together for the successful fulfillment of 2017 targets.

(Wang Wenzhen)

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