Haicheng Huayin High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd

Haicheng Huayin High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiariy of PRCO, which is located in Xiangtang area of Haicheng City. The east of city is closing to 202 national highway, the south to city outer hoop, and north to Liangjia Mountain. Haicheng Huayin has good locating place, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, just 8 kilometers to Shenda High Way and 0.5 kilometers to Zhongchang Railway.

Haicheng Huayin High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd is founded in 20th July, 2005, with total 52000 square meters of floor area and 9579.43 square meters structure area. Haicheng Huayin plans to build plate corundum project of 30000t/year output with register capital 50 million. It was merged by PRCO on September 2011 and was added 68 million register capital.

The plate corundum project was built and put into production in July 2005 with total 62 staff including 12 managers, 7 technicians, and 43 production staff. Guided by the quality principle “In the light of talents, technology and scientific management, we strive to provide satisfying high-tech materials and service to our customers”, we always regard the technology and talents as our development momentum. The proportion of our technology and technicians is ranked in front line of same industries. We take in many talents of domestic refractories industry to build a science research and developing team with high quality.

Haicheng Huayin is always insisting to utilize high technology on corporation management. We adopt performance evaluation management on varieties of aspects such as product development, process planning, production plan, production facility, norm of working hour management and the management in technology, finance, supply, marketing and personnel file. Currently, we are taking step to work with paperless. In future, we will continue to take the nation industry’s booming as our own responsibility. We will tightly hold our WTO membership opportunity, take full advantage of refractories resources and our self-advantage, actively advance technology innovation and continuously develop and research high-tech products to build a modernized transnational group with high level product performance, leading level of partial products in the world, and 70% exporting quantum of total output.

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Address: Huangling county, Xiangtang area of Haicheng city, Liaoning Province.
Postal Code:114200

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