Shanghai Baoming Refractories Co., Ltd

Shanghai Baoming Refractories Co., Ltd. Is specializes in producing all kinds of refractories. The company is located in Baoshan District Shanghai, the annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.

Shanghai Baoming Refractories Co., Ltd got the lS09002 Quality System Certification in 1999, it was the first refractory industry enterprises in Shanghai got the certification. In the same year won the "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise"; in June 2002 has got ISO9001: 2000 version of the Quality Management System Certificate.

Shanghai Baoming Refractories Co., Ltd has more than 30 high or intermediate technical staffs, which is responsible for refractories production process and product development; has included 20,000 tons of cold isostatic hydraulic machines, 1,300 tons of high-stroke large friction press, more than 30 sets various types of refractories production equipment and advanced detection equipments.

Our products are applicable to all aspects of the iron and steel metallurgy, the main products are Tundish Mullite Porous Upper Nozzle, Submerged Nozzle, Long Shroud, Stopper, Purging Plug, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick, Carbon Free Brick and Monolithic

According to the development trend of the steel companies, we develope products according to different requirements.

 In the process of using the product, we always “focus on customer require", offer tracking service during the whole implementation of product.

The company has established a good business partnership with Shanghai Baosteel (Group) Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, Anyang Iron and Steel Company and other domestic users; Japanese steel company NKK, Sumitomo Metal Corporation and other foreign customers.

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Address:No. 2319, Fujin Road, Yang Yang Industrial Park, Shanghai
Postal Code:201901

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