Suzhou Baoming Refractories Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Suzhou Baoming High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd is located in Suzhou Fenhu economic development zone with the floor space of 50,000 square meters and total fixed assets of 120 million yuan. The yearly production capacity is 80,000 tons. In 2014, the sales amount reached 120 million yuan. Currently, the company has more than 200 employees, among which 43 have college degree or above.

Three functional items for continuous casting developed by Suzhou Baoming High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd have absorbed many advanced technologies and management experience from domestic. By using the latest production devices, the yearly capacity can reach more than 8000 tons. The company owns 4 sets of advanced cold isostatic press machines, high-temperature tunnel kiln with automatic control, shuttle kiln, heating furnace, pelletizer, drying bed, CNC milling machine, copying lathe and other production devices. Also, the company has 3 sets of X-ray crack detectors, moisture meter, particle detector, high-temperature electric resistance furnace, electro optical balance, spectrophotometer, anti-fracture testing machine, anti-crushing device under high temperature, chemical analysis instrument and other kinds of test devices.

Meanwhile, Suzhou Baoming High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd has conducted comprehensive research and development on functional items for continuous casting through its strong technological R&D capability. It can provide full range of technical services as required. Long-term technical cooperation relationship has been made together with Bao Steel Technical Center. They have been working together to solve many technical projects and assignments. Suzhou Baoming High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd is the first refractory enterprise equipped with water mold laboratory, which can provide theoretical basis and experimental data for the study of functional refractories.

The company has an experienced team of management and production. All workers have grasped the granulating technique, the shaping technique and the carbon-free composite technique. The rich experience in production has given the company a strong manufacturing capability. 

Currently, the company has the ability to manufacture different series of functional refractories, including ladle shroud, upper nozzle, submerged entry nozzle and monolithic stopper. We have been providing products to over 30 large-sized Iron and Steel enterprises like Bao Steel, Wu Steel, Tangshan Steel, Benxi Steel, Laiwu Steel, Jinan Steel, Anshan Steel, Ma Steel, Capital Steel, Taiyuan Steel, Xiangtan Steel, Hangzhou Steel, Baotou Steel, Liuzhou Steel and Anyang Steel. Our products are widely applied in different casters for medium slab, wide slab, thin slab, square billet, round billet and different steel grades. Both our products and services have gained positive feedback from the customers.


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